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Adjustable beds offer tremendous benefits. Initially designed to promote healing by elevating a patient for increased circulation and oxygen levels, modern adjustable beds now offer therapeutic benefits to healthy individuals, customizable features that cater to a wide range of people, and the luxury of contemporary style that will blend seamlessly with your home decor.  Better comfort results in improved sleep and relaxation,  and when you’re well rested, you wake up feeling more refreshed, energized, and ready for the new day.

There are many misconceptions about adjustable beds and this site is dedicated to providing you with information on the benefits of owning one, information on the  most upgraded models and the many features each one provides. The purpose is to make things easier for you, the consumer, so that you can make a well-informed decision on the right adjustable bed suitable to your needs.

In addition to the health benefits an adjustable bed provides, adjustable beds eliminate the hassle of propping yourself up with a pillows to watch TV, eat or read while in bed, and many upgraded styles included additional functions like vibration-based sensations to increase circulation and promote relaxation,

We have carefully viewed the customer reviews from most of the websites selling adjustable beds and incorporated some of their comments into our reviews.  We also tried to answer the most common questions consumers have about adjustable beds.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is similar to a hospital bed in function, but without the institutional feel of a hospital bed. When the adjustable beds is flat,  it is designed to look just like a traditional bed. Since the adjustable bed has legs to support itself, you don’t need a bed frame or box spring, just a mattress (which is normally not included in your purchase.)  Most of the models do allow you to attach a traditional headboard and footboard to complete the regular bed look.

Is an Adjustable Bed different from an Adjustable Base, or a Power Foundation?

Sealy Reflexion Power Base

Sealy Reflexion Power Base

No, the three offer the same benefits of adjustable comfort. The three terms are often used by manufacturers to differentiate their products from competitors. Even more confusing, retailers often advertise the same model as an adjustable bed, adjustable base or a power foundation. Just remember; no matter what they call it, it’s the same thing. Adjustable bases contour to fit your individual needs, can help reduce stress on your lower back and help improve breathing.


Why would I need one?

Adjustable beds allow you to alter your sleeping position based on your specific levels of comfort and therapeutic needs. You can incline or recline the head and legs, which allows you to keep the spine aligned with adequate support. The benefits of adjusting your level of comfort will not only greatly improve your sleep, but your overall health. Adjustable beds can help prevent conditions such as sciatica, by supporting the base of the spine, varicose veins and swelling, since they provide better elevation for legs and feet, and they provide an appropriate incline for healthy digestion of food at night.

Unlike a hospital bed, you don’t really have to need one to get one. The largest segment of buyers are just regular people with no health problems who want the very best bed they can get.  When you consider the average person spends a third of their life in bed it only makes sense to want to be as comfortable and pampered as possible.  Many of these amazing adjustable beds not only allow you to easily and comfortably sit up to read and watch TV but also offer massage and zero gravity features.

Couples love adjustable beds because with a split version each side of the bed can be controlled and adjusted separately. This feature allows you to customize your support and find the setting that is most comfortable for you when the needs or preferences of your partner may be slightly different.

How Expensive are Adjustable Beds?

In the last few years as more and more people are finding out how remarkable these beds are, prices have dropped significantly.  With many more manufacturers making them now more than ever,  more people are buying them, and this increase in sales has driven prices down. We have tried to showcase a good selection of high-end and entry-level models. Since we do not directly sell any of these adjustable beds we cannot give exact prices, but we do provide the average prices they are being sold for online and in stores.

We do have some recommended sellers that we work with, and we work to find you the lowest price possible on all the models we showcase. We have information on the high-end adjustable beds like the Prodigy as well as entry-level adjustable bases.

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Carol Perez

Carol Perez conducts consumer research for health related products. Carol spent several years managing a large adjustable bed and mattress retailer. She is available to answer any questions you may have about these products.